Recruitment Video

Recruiting through video

Recruitment and the way we attract individuals is changing.  We have all seen the growth of social media over the years and the methodologies companies are using to attract and retain a better and more functional workforce.

With the UK economy growing again and the ‘war for talent’ about to get much stronger, businesses really need to think about the way they sell themselves and a job to potential candidates.

- Any filmed material can work as a stand alone piece of work or form part of an RPO relationship with us

- We work with your communications department to build an employer brand and promote roles and divisions through video


Recruitment Video

Recruitment videos are a strong way to engage with a candidate before a recruitment process begins.  We can help you in a number of ways:  by building on and improving your employer brand through corporate introduction videos, filming and editing recruitment promotional films for use on a micro-site or on your company website and using video to sell a job, particularly those that are hard to fill.

Recruitment Promotional Video

Promotional videos are used to sell your organisation, your recruitment practices and have a general feel of your core business focus and your recruitment activity.  They promote candidate engagement and employer branding.  People engage with video in a big way and recruitment promotional videos will make your campaign strong and more effective


Job Advertising

Attracting candidates can be a challenge for any company and in particular, those hard to fill vacancies.  Job vacancy advertising shows you and your business as being innovative in their approach to recruitment but can also benefit you in many ways:

- You can sell your job, its responsibilities and what you expect a candidate to achieve before they’ve submitted an application

- Develop strong employer branding to engage with individuals so people can instantly relate the job description to the deliverables they are expected to achieve

- Promotes self de-selection from job vacancies and promotes a better, stronger and more targeted candidate pool

Working with you

We understand that every business has different needs and the use of video can be a daunting task, especially for those not used to talking in front of a camera.  We have a team of specialised video professionals that work closely with the subject to help them feel at ease and look relaxed and confident in the final edit of the video.

Our team of recruitment experts will help you script the video, regardless of its focus, so the final result is both attractive and effective.


You can expect to receive a professionally shot and edited video that is fit for purpose.  Whether you are looking to create recruitment adverts, company promotional videos or recruitment introduction videos we will be able to provide you with the direction needed to  deliver the message in a way that suits your brand and company vision.


We provide full end-to-end campaign management to advertise, support your sift process, develop interview structures and help you make the right appointment at the right time



We engage with senior teams to implement strong resourcing strategy. We can work on-site or off to create innovative solutions, training delivery and corporate recruitment videos


Executive Search

One for the Job manages executive search for senior level corporate services roles by utilising market intelligence and candidate attraction methodology

Video Recruitment

Video sells to people, it’s innovative and personal.  We film and edit recruitment and other promotional videos to sell functions of your business and to support job advertising.